Coaching Services & Events

Individual Coaching - life, death, grief

60 minute individual coaching sessions in person and over the phone. Rates are $125 for one session, $600 for a package of 6 sessions completed within an 8 week period.

Grief Cafe

Monthly exploration of grief in Costa Mesa. Facilitated conversation. Refreshments. All are welcome. Second Wednesday (morning) and First Monday (evening) $20

Being with Grief Workshop

What does grief ask of us? How do we show up for friends and family?

A 1/2 day experiential workshop for anyone who has ever felt awkward and at a loss in the face of another’s grief.

Introductory rate $75 through 5/31/19.

Grief, Art & Tea Workshop

Grief and tea, grief and art, grief and self care … natural partners. A 2-hour session of candid conversation about grief, with hot tea and a relaxing silk painting activity. No art experience required.

Introductory rate $50 through 5/31/19.

Death File Party

Do you have a death file? You need one. Not ghoulish - smart! Make your wishes known well before the last minute.

Complete your Death File, including Advance Health Care Directive, Advance Death Directive, POLST form and more.

Group and individual coaching available. Start with the group and follow-up with individual coaching to complete your death file. Or, start with the group and drop-in to monthly group meetings until your death file is complete.

Monthly Group Workshops $35

Individual Death File Coaching (4) $400


Death Cafe

Coaching Underground co-hosts periodic Death Cafes on Wednesday evenings in Costa Mesa. Join us for a relaxed, non-judgmental group discussion about topics related to the inevitability of death. There is no intention of leading participants to any particular conclusion, product or course of action. RSVP recommended, but NOT required.

Death Midwifery

What is it? Support and guidance for a dying person and her or his family/support system from terminal diagnosis to final disposition. Support before, during and after death may include, but is not limited to grief support, hospice support, advance directive support, legacy document facilitation, funeral planning, home funeral guidance, celebrant services.

Read more about Death Midwifery here:

Celebrant Services

For funerals and memorial services - planning, support and officiating.